Life is infinite intelligence – you are life!!!

by jamesneed

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‘‘That which we call ‘life’ is an intelligence operating through and at the heart and centre of everything and everyone in existence. We are not separate from one another and we are not separate from nature; we are all one and interconnected, we are all one-intelligence, we are all one-mind, we are all God, or whatever you want to call it. So in reality, you are not your body, you are the life-intelligence creating and experiencing through it.’’

So remember; life is infinite intelligence, and you are life. And if you can give yourself time every day to raise your vibration (by a simple breathing exercise for at least 15 minutes twice a day) then you will gradually get back into harmony with life and you will start to access and live in much higher states of mind. You will start to access more and more of the infinite intelligence that you are by nature.

Relax and enjoy. Life is fundamentally an internal journey (in your mind), not an external journey, the external journey is merely a reflection of the way you are living in your mind…

I hope you all have a wonderful day…

‘The Commonsense Philosopher’