We are not physical beings- we are energetic beings…

by jamesneed

Hope everyone and all is well 🙂 feel free to share if you enjoy…

We really are not physical beings in a physical universe; we are fundamentally energetic and vibrational beings in an energetic and vibrational universe. Only things that are on the same vibration as the one we are emanating can attract and arise into our experience. So every single person, event, situation, and circumstance that is happening to you, is telling you what vibration you are on. If you do not feel good then you need to find thoughts to think that make you feel better, if you feel great, just keep doing what you are doing.

Remember; as you go about your day it is the way you think and feel that determines the way everything attracts and manifests into your experience. If you can change your thoughts, you change your world.

Love and joy to all…

‘The Commonsense Philosopher’