There is no destination, what you are looking for is within you, here and now…

by jamesneed

We are all one and the same, and we are all searching and craving for the very same thing. It cannot be found anywhere in the external world, or in anything outside of our own self.

What everyone is searching and craving for is a state of mind that is undisturbed by outside people, situation and events. A state of mind that is grounded in the present moment, totally here and now, and totally in tune with the very essence of life and everything that exists.
If you find that your mind is constantly evaluating, judging, predicting, and trying to control outside people, situations and events, then you are currently living life in a false sense of self, or what I like to call the ‘materialistic sense of self’.

When you feel this false sense of self rushing to the surface (usually evaluating, moaning, or reacting and defending itself) then stop, take a few deep breaths, and laugh at it. Notice that this false sense of self doesn’t exist anywhere but in your own head, and by not taking it seriously and not letting it drag your attention in, you no longer energise it anymore. You are starting to go beyond it.

Transcend it and notice that you are the very essence of everyone and everything around you. The thoughts in the past and the future are illusions. You are always here and now. If you are thinking in time then you are lost in the false sense of self. You can only truly know and be in touch with who you really are in the here and now.

So no matter what is currently happening to you, you always have the choice to dive within and find that state of mind that is totally undisturbed by all external events.

Listen to the silence in between your thoughts, and you will find as Jesus beautifully pointed to with words ‘the peace that passes all understanding’.

Love and joy to all…

‘The Commonsense Philosopher’