Being fully in the present…

by jamesneed

Most people are always trying to escape the present moment. They always have somewhere to be. They are always rushing from one moment to another, always rushing through the present moment. The present moment becomes nothing more than a means to an end. They don’t realise that it is the present moment that is the source of everything that they are looking for. They are always trying to get to a future moment when they get what they ‘think’ they want in order to be happy. This is the delusion of time. You cannot be free if your mind is dependent on a future point in time. You can only be free NOW.

Wherever you are, be there fully. Live with the intention of enjoying the present moment as fully as you can. Realise deeply that life is always now, you cannot escape the present moment, so accept it and be there fully. In that acceptance a peace will arise from within, and in that peace a joy of being will start to emerge, a joy of being here experiencing in this moment right now the way it is. It doesn’t matter what is happening to you because you are in such a state of appreciation for the present moment that nothing can spoil or come close to that. You realise deeply that all circumstances are ultimately fleeting, they are ever changing, impermanent. You start to feel that joy of being arising from within that is beyond all circumstances, a joy of being in which you feel grounded in the present moment, totally at peace with where you are in the here and now.

As you gradually start to become more fully present, everything will start to fall into place. It is the quality of your consciousness in this moment (no matter what is happening to you) that determines the path that you are paving in front of yourself. If you are always in a state of resistance towards the present moment, then you will continue to create a life of resistance. If your happiness is dependent on some future moment going the way you want it too then you will continue to live in a state of unease and anxiousness unsure of the way it is going to play out.

Start to care more about the way you respond to the present moment as opposed to what it is happening, in doing so, by watching your thoughts, watching your feelings, and observing your reactions in the present moment, you will start to become more fully present in the now… a peace will start to emerge… a sheer joy of simply being here right now in this moment.

Remember; you cannot be free in some future moment in time. You can only be free NOW.