(Creating Reality) Nothing will ever change if you continue to tell yourself the same old stories…

by jamesneed

‘‘It is our thoughts and the way that we think, feel and interact with life that determines the way we are creating our reality. So in order to change the way anything is manifesting into our life, we firstly have to change the way we think and feel about it. Nothing will ever change if we continue to keep thinking the same old thoughts and telling our self the same old stories.’’ – The Truth about Life and Who You Really Are

You see everything that happens to you- in terms of the people, situations and circumstances that are flowing in and out of your daily life- are always a reflection of the energy and vibrations (thoughts and feelings) that you have been consistently giving off. It is the flow of your thoughts and the way you think and feel about specific topics, that determines the way they manifest into your experience, or rather, that determines how you create and manifest them into your experience.

Start to reach for ‘‘better-feeling-thoughts’’ about your desires and every subject and situation in your life. Stop telling yourself and others about the way things are right now, and start thinking about how you would like things to be. Start to look for positive aspects. Start to think about the abundance of as opposed to the lack of. Even if it’s not true right now, you have to start practicing shifting your thoughts. This should not be a chore; it should be an incredibly enjoyable process and one that you love to do.

If it’s a desire; start to really enjoy thinking about it as if it’s true and just happened right now. Feel that joy, that excitement, that exhilaration that you will feel as it arises. Pretend it’s true right now- see it, feel it, imagine it, hold it, smell it, taste it, touch it, and love it into being. If its person; think about them as you want them to be; happy, healthy, loving and empowered. Pretend them like that, see them like that, feel them like that, make lists of all the things you love and all the things you appreciate about them, and that you want to appreciate about them. If it’s a situation; think about it as you want it to be, start thinking about all the available options and solutions, and the way you would like things to work out.

Don’t get sucked into talking to yourself and others about the way things are right now unless you want to continue to create them like that into your experience. Stop repeating those negative stories about yourself, others, from the news, or from your friends and family. You are a powerful creator of your reality. Just keep practicing thinking and feeling the way you want to think and feel and allow everything to adjust to that.

I know at first this can seem like a daunting task, but just dedicating 15 minutes, twice a day, to practice thinking and feeling about the way you want things to be, will create a massive shift in your vibrational point of attraction towards every subject in your life.

Just lighten up and relax…

Enjoy thinking…                                          

Enjoy thinking about things as you would love them to be and watch what happens.