Life is supposed to be fun

by jamesneed

We are here to have fun. We are here to enjoy. To enjoy expressing ourselves, creating ourselves, exploring ourselves, and most importantly, enjoying ourselves (in-joy-in-our-self)…

Life is supposed to be fun, life is supposed to be good. You are not here to stress or to worry, you are here to enjoy yourself and to have fun…

If you are not feeling a deep enjoyment for life, for yourself, and for being here, then something needs to change. You most probably have your priorities in the wrong place, you are disconnected from the core of your being and so you are thinking and acting from that place of disconnection.

As you start to lighten up and enjoy life, you start to experience the joy of simply being, of simply being here and now, in this moment, in this experience, no matter what is happening to you.

Start to live with the intention of having more fun and doing more things that you enjoy, start to enjoy the present moment as fully as you can and watch how much more effortless your life becomes. When ‘‘you’’ get out of the way, everything will fall into place. So just enjoy yourself, have fun, and lighten up with yourself and with others.

I don’t mean to ‘stop going to work’ or that you need to make drastic changes, what I mean is that you need to change the way you are approaching life. Go to work with the intention of having fun and enjoying it as much of possible. Go in with the intention of being happy and having fun and brightening up peoples’ day. As you start to express that joy and happiness from within, you will become infectious to all and everyone around you, people will start to want to rendezvous with you and join you in that place of joy. Nobody truly wants to be unhappy, and everyone loves to around someone who is uplifting.

You could say; don’t let the outside world dictate how you are feeling inside, have fun, enjoy yourself, and let things go, and let that reflect into the outside world.

Enjoy life, nothing is ultimately serious…