Am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?

by jamesneed

When you are resisting the present moment (moaning, complaining, feelings of negativity, resisting situations, resisting life) you are not only holding yourself back, but you are opposing the natural flow of life. As Bruce Lee said ‘‘be like water’’, don’t fight or resist anything, flow with life. The more you moan and complain that life or the present moment should be anything different than it is, the more you hold yourself right back. The more you flow with life and allow it to be, the more you open up, and become aware of, the infinite possibilities that are available in each and every moment.

As you think, as you breath, as you walk, ask yourself; ‘‘am I resisting this moment? Or am I allowing it to be?’’

If you are allowing, then enjoy it, milk it, and exaggerate it. Enjoy the feelings of inner peace and inner freedom that come with accepting and allowing the present moment to be.

If there is any resistance or negativity inside of you, then focus only on getting back to that feeling of allowing. Sometimes it can be enough to simply as yourself ‘‘am I resisting this moment, or am I allowing it to be?’’, and in that awareness that yes there is resistance inside of me, opens up the door for you to step into the freedom of allowing. Other times, as you practice the art of allowing, it may take a little more time to gradually soften that resistance, get everything back in perspective, and get back to that good feeling place of allowing. Ask yourself whether what you are resisting is in your control or not. If it is; then do what feels right to resolve it now and then allow it to be. If there is nothing you can do; accept it and allow it to be. Do things you enjoy, go for a walk, meditate, have a nice nap, listen to soothing music, literally anything to get yourself to a more allowing free state of mind.

Remember; the more you resist the present moment- no matter what is happening to you- the more you clog yourself up and hold yourself back. The more you allow, accept and flow with the present moment- the more effortlessly everything falls into place.

So relax and be easy on yourself and the world. There’s nothing you have to do and there’s nothing you have to figure out. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Focus only on allowing the present moment to be and enjoy watching life unfold beautifully in front of your eyes.

Life is supposed to be fun, enjoy it 🙂