The Purring Meditation

by jamesneed

Purr, just like a cat. It’s like a subtle vibrational noise with your voice box, like you are making a gentle crackling sound with your throat. I should point out this should not be a strain or cause any tension or discomfort: it should be very calming and quiet and soft. But there’s no right or wrong, you just make a subtle purring noise just like a cat.

So breathe in nice and calm, and purr all the way out nice and calm. Just keep breathing and purring softly and quietly to yourself. Keep the pattern going and going, breathing and purring, breathing and purring…

When you feel in amidst negative thoughts or emotions, stop and give yourself 5 or 10 minutes to do this. It is a wonderfully simple but very powerful way to break the momentum of negative thoughts and emotions. It allows you to soften all mental and emotional resistance, allowing your vibration to rise. If you can become aware enough of negative emotion and stop yourself to do this, you will make massive gains and you will allow your awareness to expand.

Remember life isn’t serious. If you feel negative emotion, use it as energy to turn inwards to allowing this moment to be. You know life is unfolding exactly as it needs too, so relax and let things be.