Love yourself. Love life.

by jamesneed

What you’re searching for is to fall in love with yourself and life so much that it doesn’t matter what’s happening to you or what’s happening around you- you feel totally at peace inside yourself because you know that everything is as it needs to be.

Realise deeply that the world is exactly as it’s supposed to be. How do you know it’s exactly as it’s supposed to be? Because this is how it is. Arguing against life doesn’t make any difference and it is the root of all suffering and frustration on the planet. So relax. Simply allow this moment to be. Simply allow life to unfold.

I’m so grateful to be alive. I love being here. I love breathing. I thinking and feeling. I love dreaming and imagining. I love moulding and creating my reality. I’m so grateful for my body. I’m so grateful for my health. I’m so grateful for how I feel. I’m so grateful for family. I’m so grateful for my friends. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful opportunities flowing into my life. I know that life isn’t serious. I know that everything is going to be okay. And I know that all I have to do is relax and just enjoy watching life unfold.