You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be

by jamesneed

You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

All is well. Nothing has gone wrong.

What more is there to say? What else do you need to know?

The ego will no doubt want more answers. It wants what it wants now. It wants what it wants now and when it gets what it wants, it wants more or it wants something else. It wants to pin everything down and it wants to know how everything is going to be. How laughably absurd.

However your soul knows that life is working out exactly as its supposed to. Your soul knows that life is supposed to be good and that everything is working out effortlessly and naturally for you. You don’t need to force anything. You don’t need to rush anything. You simply have to relax and enjoy watching this magical experience unfold.

So just relax. Be easy on yourself. When you hear the ego arising within you beginning to worry and evaluate: simply smile. Simply know that the ego is designed to worry, and just enjoy resting in the allowing of your soul. Remember it is only our resistance to the present moment (wishing it was something different than it is) that causes us inner suffering and frustration.

So focus only on allowing. Focus only on allowing this moment to be, and know that the more you allow, the more effortlessly your life falls into place for you.Ā