Allowing is the key to inner freedom…

by jamesneed

The more you can allow life to be- the better and more at peace you will feel.Β 
The more you resist and fight against life- the more tension and resistance you will create for yourself.

You don’t need to be the managing director of your life and everyone around you. You don’t need to control anything. It is in your ability to allow this moment to be that will allow your life to fall effortlessly into place for you.

So don’t resist against anything. If you feel negative thoughts or emotions of any kind beginning to arise- realise deeply that this is the present moment. It doesn’t matter what you think, life is exactly as its supposed to be and everything is always working out for the best. So leave life alone and enjoy watching it unfold- positive and negative.

If you think that things in your life are wrong or that they should be somewhat different than they are- then you are wrong and you are holding yourself in a place that is not serving you. Every situation in your life is exactly as its supposed to be in order for you to learn and grow to get to the person you want to be. So don’t resist anything. All you need to know is that resistance to the present moment creates more resistance. Allowing this moment to be creates ease and flow.