Be gentle with yourself

Your strength isn’t in your ability to force and control your life: Your strength is in your ability to flow and allow your life to fall into place.

Begin to see everything that arises in your life as an opportunity for you to learn and grow closer to yourself. Stop beating yourself up mentally and emotionally, and instead be gentle with yourself. Accept whatever life deals you in the present moment without hesitation. Accept that this is where you are right now, and that life is always giving you exactly what you need to learn and grow. So don’t take anything personally. Forgive people unconditionally. And most importantly, love and appreciate yourself because you’re of tremendous value to our human family.

What we must understand is that we all have belief systems that are determining the way we see, feel, and experience ourselves and our life. Therefore if we want to change the direction and momentum of our life, we must change the direction and momentum of our mind. This isn’t a chore or hard work, this is where our greatest joy lies.

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