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You’re more powerful than you realise…

Your mind is the building block of your life, through which, you’re creating and experiencing the world. Every thought you think is vibrating throughout your heart and every cell of your body, and pulsing into the world around you. The way you’re thinking to yourself, and the relationship you have with yourself, is absolutely primary to your happiness, and to your success. Your thinking can either make your life a living heaven or a living hell. The good news is that it’s always your choice…




Your emotions are your guidance

Bless the importance of negative emotion, your emotions and the way you feel is your guidance system and it is telling you everything you need to know. 

If you feel negative emotion, then you’re either resisting the present moment, resisting something that was, or resisting something that you think might be. As human beings lost in our own creation, we immediately point to the outside world to create excuses as to why we can’t be happy and at peace right now. 

”If that had turned out differently or hadn’t of happened, then I’d be happy.
If he/she hadn’t done that to me, then I’d be happy.
If that goes the way the I want it to go, then I’ll be happy”

The moment you stop resisting life and pointing to the outside world as to why you can’t be at peace, the more a deep sense of joy and inner freedom will arise from within you. You’re an eternal being. Your consciousness cannot be destroyed. The greatest joy that you can feel is when your soul comes into alignment with the very deepest, eternal, aspect of your consciousness. 

What’s the one thing that I can do to allow my soul to come into alignment? Resist nothing. Surrender to everything that arises in the present moment without judgement.

Everything that you’re searching for will arise from within you at a deeper and deeper and more profound level, when you stop resisting what arises in the present moment. There’s no work to be done here and you don’t need to change anything in your life. This is an internal surrender, an internal letting go. It doesn’t mean do nothing and don’t care about life. It means you can finally let go and enjoy your life, without any dependency on other peoples actions or how it unfolds. 

When you have released all resistance from within you, everything that you’ve been desiring for will fall into place.  It can’t not, it is only resistance that holds us back. 

I can’t begin to do it justice with these words what it feels like to feel that releasing of resistance. Just let go of everything and enjoy. Surrender to the present moment. 

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Be gentle with yourself

Your strength isn’t in your ability to force and control your life: Your strength is in your ability to flow and allow your life to fall into place.

Begin to see everything that arises in your life as an opportunity for you to learn and grow closer to yourself. Stop beating yourself up mentally and emotionally, and instead be gentle with yourself. Accept whatever life deals you in the present moment without hesitation. Accept that this is where you are right now, and that life is always giving you exactly what you need to learn and grow. So don’t take anything personally. Forgive people unconditionally. And most importantly, love and appreciate yourself because you’re of tremendous value to our human family.

What we must understand is that we all have belief systems that are determining the way we see, feel, and experience ourselves and our life. Therefore if we want to change the direction and momentum of our life, we must change the direction and momentum of our mind. This isn’t a chore or hard work, this is where our greatest joy lies.

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You have endless gifts and talents that you don’t even know about

Do you feel like you have you found your real passion in life? Do you have unique gifts and talents that bring you happiness and alignment and feelings of joy? Do you feel inspired and empowered on a daily basis? And do you just love being alive?

Firstly, if you don’t feel any of the above then it’s time that you start putting yourself first and kicking starting your life has you want it be. I think we ALL inherentally know that we’re not just bouncing around in a universe of complete luck and coincidence. We KNOW that our intention to do something, and our mind, thoughts, and emotions DO play a role as to the direction that our lives unfold. After all, if it wasn’t, then you wouldn’t have the intelligence driving you to find food and water everyday.

You see deep within you lie endless gifts and talents that you don’t know anything about. Although you don’t feel like it right now, you ARE a genius, you DO have special gifts and talents, and you ARE creating everything you experience into your life. This is not wish washy ‘self help’ talk, this is REAL physics, and REAL understanding of the natural laws of the universe.

So if you don’t feel inspired about your life then it is time you put yourself first and start questioning what it truly is that you want. What is is that you makes you feel the best? What do you enjoy the most? What do you feel most passionately about?

Remember that by asking questions to yourself like this, things will now start moving into your life that will help you on the way to finding it out. So keep relaxing and having as much fun with life as you possibly can. Do more of the things you enjoy. Be creative and have fun with life exploring your gifts and talents.

Remember if it makes you tingle with excitement, then you’re on the right path… 🙂

* If you would like the chance to have a private session with James, whether it be a private 1-2-1 session or on Skype, then please contact us to arrange your session :). We have no doubt that you will feel inspired and empowered like a weight has been lifted of your shoulders and mind 🙂

Email – enquiries@mindmedicine.co.uk


The reflection in the mirror

The more you continue to awaken into the fullness of who we really are, the more you no longer feel the need to defend or enhance yourself to others, and the more you start to see and perceive life from a more unified and loving perspective. You begin to realize that you’re not the reflection that you see in the mirror, but rather that you are the awareness observing the reflection that you see in the mirror…

Always remember that although there is a personal aspect to who you are, there is also a much larger eternal aspect to who you are…

In other words; you are the creator and the experiencer, the dreamer and the dream…

Bless the importance of negative emotion…

Negative emotion is your guidance and it is telling you everything that you need to know. The degree of negative emotion that you feel is letting you know the degree of resistance that you have towards the present moment. Just remember if you feel negative emotion, use it as your guidance to lean the other way. Relax more. Practice letting it go. Let the recognition of your resistance make you relax and allow more…

Just know that accepting and allowing the present moment to be is a very powerful practice, especially when you feel any kind of negative emotion. Always remember that you’re part of a larger dance of creation, that although something may seem negative on the surface, life is always unfolding effortlessly and naturally as it’s supposed to…

So just relax and resist nothing. No longer create any pain for yourself no matter what arises. The deep sense of inner peace that you seek is within you- give it to yourself by simply allowing each moment to unfold without resisting it.

You are a genius

You are a genius. Genius is not something that only a few of us have the potential to reach. We are all expressions of the same one-mind, the same intelligence that is flowing through and driving everything in existence. In other words our minds are not personal and separate from one another: our mind is something that we are tapping into. Therefore it is only about your alignment with the core of your being which determines how much you’re tapping into the infinite potential that you are.

No one can hold you back but you.

What you focus on you create.

Free yourself right now…

Free yourself right now. Accept and appreciate that this moment is as it is. Freedom arises the moment we truly accept and appreciate that this is the present moment: no complaining, no moaning, no wishing that it was any way different than it is.

So be kind to everyone you come into contact with no matter what they do. Let everything go mentally and emotionally and have as much fun with life as you can.

Whatever happens to you- use it as your lesson to practice accepting it and letting it go.

Inner freedom is what you want. So give it to yourself right now and accept that your life is unfolding effortlessly and naturally as its supposed. We’re all part of a larger tapestry of life, so just relax and enjoy watching it unfold.

Remember the more you can relax and allow life the present moment to be the more effortlessly life falls into place for you. It is only our resistance to the present moment that slows us down, so give yourself permission to relax and enjoy watching this miracle we call life unfold.





Inner Freedom Workshops

How would you like to have a deeply relaxing hypnosis Workshop to help you release all mental and emotional resistance? If you’re in the UK and you can put together a minimum of 15 people then you can now arrange a private MindMedicine Workshop for yourself and your friends and family.

The Workshop is very deeply relaxing and focused on helping you to release all inner resistance so you can find the inner freedom that we’re all craving for. It could be described as a very meditative hypnotic talk where James lets his intuition flow as you drift in and out of hypnosis. During the Workshop you will come to new understanding’s and realisations about your life, you will learn how to control your thoughts and emotions during daily life, and by the end, you will feel as though a weight has been lifted of your body and mind.

If you’re interested in arranging a private MindMedicine Workshop for your friends and family, get in touch with us at MindMedicine today by calling us on 07803593893.

We look forward to hearing from you and spending time with you soon.


Allowing is the key to inner freedom…

The more you can allow life to be- the better and more at peace you will feel. 
The more you resist and fight against life- the more tension and resistance you will create for yourself.

You don’t need to be the managing director of your life and everyone around you. You don’t need to control anything. It is in your ability to allow this moment to be that will allow your life to fall effortlessly into place for you.

So don’t resist against anything. If you feel negative thoughts or emotions of any kind beginning to arise- realise deeply that this is the present moment. It doesn’t matter what you think, life is exactly as its supposed to be and everything is always working out for the best. So leave life alone and enjoy watching it unfold- positive and negative.

If you think that things in your life are wrong or that they should be somewhat different than they are- then you are wrong and you are holding yourself in a place that is not serving you. Every situation in your life is exactly as its supposed to be in order for you to learn and grow to get to the person you want to be. So don’t resist anything. All you need to know is that resistance to the present moment creates more resistance. Allowing this moment to be creates ease and flow.

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