Stop forcing life and enjoy the ride

Stop trying to force and rush life as if you’ve got to get to some future destination before you can finally relax and just be happy. Just let go and give yourself a break. Be happy in where you’re at right now. Stop wishing that things were different. Life isn’t supposed to be perfect and you’re not supposed to be perfect. So become comfortable in the unknown. Embrace the mystery of life. Enjoy not knowing where life is taking to you. Just be the best person you can be, one day at a time, and have as much fun as you can along the way. Always remember that life isn’t supposed to be serious. So don’t wait to be happy, be happy now. Having fun on our way is our reason for being here. So just let it go and enjoy the ride. Everything will work itself out in the end.


Some day you will look back and smile at your life

It’s okay. Everything will be alright. Everything will work itself out in the end. You are not supposed to be perfect and life isn’t supposed to be perfect. It’s all part of the journey. It’s all part of learning and growing and evolving as a human being, the good times and the challenging times. Some day you will look back at your life and smile, and wish that you had a little more fun along the way. At the end of the day nothing is really that serious. We’re all going to depart from here at some point. So just relax and enjoy the ride.


You have the power to recreate yourself

Always be positive and optimistic that things are working out for you. No matter what’s happening you can shift your attitude and mindset right now and start changing the momentum of your life. But you must believe that good things are coming to you. Life is always trying to guide you. Life is always giving you the challenges that you need to help you learn and grow. So look for the signs. Feel your way. Life is a beautiful journey. It’s not really so much about the goal or the destination. It’s about what you learn about yourself and who you become along the way.


Relax and enjoy the journey

We are energy, vibrating at the frequency of our thoughts and feelings, attracting to ourselves all things that match our vibrational state. Don’t let the world dictate your vibes. You’ve got to take control of your vibes and let the world mould around you. So just relax and enjoy the journey. Choose to think calmly and positively about things. Be light with yourself. Don’t take things too seriously. Smile. Laugh. Joke around. Make the most of each day. Be grateful for what you have. Choose to trust that everything will be okay, rather than worry and stress and over think. Just have fun and enjoy the ride.


Celebrate life.

We should all do this a little more. Sometimes I think we all fall into the trap of taking ourselves and life too seriously. At times it’s important to just stop and remind ourselves that life is supposed to be fun, that life isn’t supposed to be serious, and that we should try to enjoy our day to day experience a little bit more.

Moving forward in our lives let’s make it our goal to celebrate the simplicity of life. Even if you’re at work, even if you’re doing chores all day that you’d rather not be doing, just smile and be grateful to just be here experiencing life. When you stop and reflect and think about it, things are never as bad as they seem. One thought that I try to remind myself when my mood dips is that no matter how I feel right now, there are still millions of people all over the world who would rather be in my shoes. No matter how bad it seems, there are still people worse off.


Go with the flow.

I’ve found (through years of trying to force life!) that the secret to feeling more content and at peace within yourself is to simply not resist anything that happens. Life is never unfair. Life is always trying to give you the experiences that you need most in order to help you learn and grow into the person that you’re desiring to be. The challenges that you face, are trying to help you. Don’t resist them. Don’t fight against life. You have to learn to flow with life. You have to learn to accept the situations that are coming into your life, learn from them, move on stronger because of them, and then let them go. If you resist and push against life, you will create nothing but pain for yourself, and you will be in a constant battle that you will never win. You’ve got to learn to flow with life and then the next steps of your life will begin to fall into place for you. If you don’t accept and learn from the challenges that life is giving you, your life cannot evolve and grow. Life will keep giving you the same or similar situations until you learn the lesson that you need to learn.

You have to accept, learn, and move on stronger with love and gratitude in your heart.