Relax and enjoy the journey

We are energy, vibrating at the frequency of our thoughts and feelings, attracting to ourselves all things that match our vibrational state. Don’t let the world dictate your vibes. You’ve got to take control of your vibes and let the world mould around you. So just relax and enjoy the journey. Choose to think calmly and positively about things. Be light with yourself. Don’t take things too seriously. Smile. Laugh. Joke around. Make the most of each day. Be grateful for what you have. Choose to trust that everything will be okay, rather than worry and stress and over think. Just have fun and enjoy the ride.


Celebrate life.

We should all do this a little more. Sometimes I think we all fall into the trap of taking ourselves and life too seriously. At times it’s important to just stop and remind ourselves that life is supposed to be fun, that life isn’t supposed to be serious, and that we should try to enjoy our day to day experience a little bit more.

Moving forward in our lives let’s make it our goal to celebrate the simplicity of life. Even if you’re at work, even if you’re doing chores all day that you’d rather not be doing, just smile and be grateful to just be here experiencing life. When you stop and reflect and think about it, things are never as bad as they seem. One thought that I try to remind myself when my mood dips is that no matter how I feel right now, there are still millions of people all over the world who would rather be in my shoes. No matter how bad it seems, there are still people worse off.


Meditation changed my life.

Looking back over the years since I first became interested in the idea of meditation I feel very grateful for how much it has helped me as a person and how positively it has impacted my life. Before I began, I was always on edge and anxious, and very quickly got frustrated and annoyed if things didn’t go my way. At the time if I was asked I would have considered myself a pretty happy person, and I think others would have described me that way too, but deep down I was unsatisfied.

My interest in mediation was first sparked by listening to a number of interviews with successful athletes and entrepreneurs who spoke about meditation as part of their daily routine. Something clicked and it really intrigued me as to what it was all about and whether at the time it could help me with my performance as a golfer. During this time I learnt that my Grandad before he passed away had started to meditate all the time. After many more months of researching and listening to people talk about meditation and the varying kinds, I really became serious about making it a new daily habit of mine. From that moment on I decided to keep it simple and just commit to spending 15 minutes every day in meditation, even if I just sit still for that time, and I have done so since that day.

When I look back I can really see how much it made me start to look more within myself. It made me start to really reflect on who I am as a person and what I want to create with my life. It helped me to recognise and look at my strengths and weaknesses, and how I could improve as a person. It also made me much calmer, less anxious, and much more patient with life and others around me. I think the biggest thing I’ve found is how much it has helped me to recognise how many things there are to be grateful for in life and to really appreciate this beautiful world that we live in.

Over recent years since that day I’ve experimented with many different types of meditation, right the way from transcendental meditations, to simple breath and body meditations. What I’ve found best as a suggestion to the people I’ve worked with is to keep it short and simple, but to be consistent. Below is a really simple meditation exercise for you to try.

Firstly set a timer for 15 minutes and then get yourself comfy, either sat or lay down, in a place where you aren’t going to be disturbed. Start by taking some really long, deep breaths for about 20 – 30 seconds. Now begin to calm and slow your breath right down. Begin to breathe as calmly and as quietly as you can for the next 1 – 2 minutes. Now take your attention into your body and begin to scan your body for tension. Start by scanning your feet, releasing all the tension from your muscles, and begin to work your way right up your body to your face and the top of your head. Now become aware of your body as a whole, feel it tingling with energy and again make sure there is no tension or holding on in any muscles. Now bring your attention back to your breath. As you breathe in count slowly from 1 – 4, and as you breathe out count slowly from 1 – 4. 

When you wake up you should feel very relaxed and refreshed. Enjoy giving yourself this time to switch off completely, physically and mentally. Meditation really has brought so many positive benefits to my life without having to even try. I’m sure it will do the same for you too.